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Tailormade Design

Craft your website using eJourney’s exclusive ready-made DMO web building blocks with a completely tailor-made look and feel translating your destination brand and its personality and values online.

User-friendly content

Allow our content experts to create entertaining, engaging and informative destination content that is SEO-friendly and entices potential travellers to engage with and share your destination.

Online DMO Tools

Select from a range of ready-made online Destination Marketing Organisation functionality to craft your destination website, including Routes, Maps, Events and even a member section. 

Easy to update

A content management system that is so easy to update, a child could do it. Members and DMO staff are allocated different access to ensure that the website can be updated with ease and frequently.

[quote author="Rafat Ali" desc="@Skift Founder" title="Today DMOs are in the inspiration business"]“The role of the DMO is changing. Digital, social media and the rise of individual travellers who want to do it themselves means DMOs have to either adapt fast, be nimble and be start in digital, or continue to see their relevance decline.”[/quote]


Ready-made online DMO tools

About Us

Get to Know Us

eJourney is an international consultancy run by DMO and tourism marketing specialists and specialising in tourism destination management, destination branding and tourism marketing strategies. Based in Cape Town, eJourney has a 10-year track record in tourism destination consulting and has a reputation for quality, on-time delivery.

Our team members are highly experienced in tourism marketing strategy, website project management, design, content and online marketing, and have developed this specialised Content Management System for destinations based on the learnings from web-marketing platforms created for tourism SMEs and destinations.

eJourney’s expertise extends to:
• Strategy planning
• Training
• Content development
• Social media
• Online marketing
• Website maintenance
• Photography
• Graphic Design



Natalia Rosa

Natalia Rosa is a passionate follower of online marketing, social media, retail travel, inbound tourism, destination marketing and publishing. Natalia has editing, writing and project management experience in the website creation, content generation, online marketing, social media and publishing fields, has completed an online marketing diploma with University of Stellenbosch, Honours in Journalism and Media Studies and Masters in Publishing with specialisation in online publishing field cum laude. Services offered include online marketing, social media, content marketing, marketing strategy and website development specialising in the tourism and travel sectors.

Future of DMO Marketing

Adapt or die


Today’s destinations face a different reality; one where traveller behaviours and decision-making processes are dynamic.

· The collaborative economy The emergence of websites like AirBNB, Couchsurfing,Yelp and Uber that allow travellers to create their own travel ecosystem.
· Social Media Social media and the fast adoption of smartphones and tablets by today’s travellers have made their information-seeking process much faster and far more complex.
· User-Generated Content Increasingly research suggests that travellers trust peer reviews or reviews from strangers more than those from friends or colleagues.

Getting noticed online can be difficult

Building a DMO website from scratch can be expensive and take time. Do you face these challenges?

· Lack of in-house marketing expertise
· How to stand out in a crowded online space
· How to engage with consumers in a social world
· A limited DMO budget
· No resources to manage your online presence
· Web developers don’t know tourism

What does that mean for you in an online world? DMOs need:

A visually appealing online presence A focal point to which your existing and potential travellers can go for information and to engage.
Easy to navigate and useful tools Special DMO functionality such as routes, maps, events and itineraries easy to find and easy to use.
Social media functionality To allow visitors to share and engage with your destination content and market on your behalf to their networks.
Broad, well-written content Informative, engaging and entertaining multimedia content enticing travellers to visit your destination.
Search Engine Optimisation To ensure that your destination is easily discoverable on the global online stage.
Integrated marketing strategy A focused, integrated approach to your DMO marketing with the website at the heart of your strategy.




Next Steps

Affordable for You

Where to from here?

Need a quick-to-market online presence?

Select from our ready-made, DMO-purposed online functionality to build the website you need to promote your destination and members today.

Step 1

Our team of experts will assist in developing an integrated online marketing strategy with the website at its core.

Step 2

We translate your brand and destination in to an online world so the website is one element of your strategy, developing content and look and feel unique to your DMO requirements.

Step 3

We build your destination website matching our exclusive online DMO building blocks with your online strategic destination requirements

Step 4

We host workshops to train DMO staff and members to update content and listings online.

Step 5

We provide any additional services required by the DMO at an additional fee, including content development, social media maintenance photography and graphic design.

eJourney offers its online DMO service at a monthly subscription and maintenance fee depending on your individual DMO requirements.

Contact us today to set up a consultation.


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